Consistently low priced home heating oil.


81 .00
134 .90
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*Prices as at 10 July 2024 (incl GST). Domestic heating oil price based on ATF Smart Heating Package (900L rate)

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Keeping the island moving with low price fuel 24/7. Providing E10 and B7 fuel at two locations Augrés and Maufant. Forecourts offer attendant service and also 24/7 unmanned access  365 days of the year. Please note card payments only, Tap and mobile payments do not work currently.

We are planning at third forecourt in Jersey based at the MotorMall site, information coming soon.



Keep your boiler in business! If you use home heating oil, your boiler is essential for efficient and reliable heating Boilers require regular maintenance and upkeep. Contact ATF Energy Services, and we will provide you with affordable servicing and breakdown solutions to keep your boiler running smoothly.


Delivering islandwide from our purpose-built depot, whatever requirement you have, we have got you covered. We provide our commercial customers access to one of our account managers, to ensure we meet your business needs. We have a fleet of vehicles delivering direct from our depot to your business, our team can help tailor this delivery service for you. Plus, we offer renewable option such as Green HVO, read below for more details.


GREEND HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil) is a synthetic diesel replacement that’s a safe, stable, sustainable, high-quality fuel option that does not require any changes to your existing fleet. With a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions over fossil fuels, the odourless GREEND HVO gives you cleaner fuel and cleaner combustion helping increase the lifespan of emission control systems as well as improving engine cleanliness.

It is so easy to switch to GREEND HVO. This biofuel is already compatible with your current diesel fleet and saving you money in the long term with lower maintenance costs. Just drop in and go, it’s that easy! GREEND HVO gives superior performance with serious power in the cold weather and can be stored for long periods of time.

Latest News

ATF Fuels to supply Parish of St Helier HVO for fleet

ATF are pleased to announce that they will be supplying HVO fuel, more commonly known as renewable diesel, to the Parish of St Helier enabling them to reduce carbon emissions from their transport and heating systems by up to 90%. ATF’s GreenD HVO is a fossil free diesel product made

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Get 50 litres of fuel free with ATF

Autumn is just around the corner, now is the time to start considering your winter heating and top up that tank!  During the month of October if you sign up for the following; ATF’s free SMART monitor – worth over £100  Budget payment plan (by direct debit) We will give

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What are Biofuels?

You may have heard the phrase “biofuels” and how they can play a part in reducing our carbon footprint. But what are biofuels?, how are they different and how are they used. We’ve developed a quick guide to help understand the different types that are available. Use ATF Forecourts to

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