Why choose ATF?

When replacing your tank with ATF we can remove, dispose of, and properly recycle your old oil tank as part of the job. We can take care of every aspect of the decommissioning process, taking the headache away from you and leaving you with complete peace of mind.

Domestic Oil Tank Removal

The process of oil tank removal and decommissioning is quite straightforward providing you have the correct equipment and licenses.

Our fully qualified team, have everything required from tools to a license to ensure correct disposal of any contaminated oil.

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1. Oil Measuring And Testing

Clarification on how much oil is in the tank, if any is contaminated. From this, the correct tools are used to pump out the oil, separating the oil from water or other contaminations.

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2. Oil Pump Out

Using a professional pump, the oil is pumped out of the old tank into a holding tank, and a second tank where any contaminants are held. The uncontaminated oil can still be used if required.

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3. Waste Oil Disposal

After any  clean oil has been transferred into the holding tank, the waste oil is collected and transferred into a waste oil container then disposed of at licensed site.

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4. Clean Out

After the old removal,  the tank is then cleaned out and disconnected from the site supply.

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5. Tank Removal

Depending on the access to your oil tank, the tank will then either be taken off site whole or cut up into pieces on-site where access is limited to avoid any damage to property.

ATF Energy Oil Tank Installation or Removal