Letter to Treasury Minister

ATF have written a response to the treasury minister as per the below:

Dear Minister,

I am writing to you following the government response to the petition “Introduce an immediate reduction in road fuel duty”, signed by over 2,000 people.

I am disappointed with the government response. We accept completely that a fuel duty cut is not a silver bullet that will solve the cost-of-living crisis. We do believe that it would have to part of a wider suite of measures aimed at mitigating the impacts on islanders. A fuel duty cut, whether temporary or permanent, has been one of the key tools deployed by government across Europe to give consumers some relief against the escalating cost of living crisis.

ATF has already committed to passing on any duty cut immediately. I am sure other retailers can and will be persuaded to the do similar. To suggest that consumers won’t get the benefit against the backdrop of rising international fuel prices is to effectively suggest that at the government does not see itself having any role in countering fuel prices increases in the short term, despite government revenues continuing to increase.

In relation to your point of differential in fuel prices across the island, we concur completely but would argue that this is the result of a lack of competitive forces which means some of the larger operators enjoy more pricing power than others. The government should immediately consider how it will address this.

We will be continuing to support this petition and will be seeking a debate on this matter when the States Assembly reconvenes after the election.

I am, as always, happy to discuss further.

Jonathan Best,

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