Reduction in Fuel Duty – Evidence

Why is Jersey any different to any of the countries and jurisdictions below, that are taking action to reduce fuel duty?

Fuel Duty CutOther Supports
UK5p a litre for a full 12 months.In the Spring Statement the government announced it was doubling support for the household support fund form 500milllion to 1billon. The UK government established the Household Support Fund last year. The new Household Support Fund is designed to help vulnerable people pay for food, clothing, or other household bills. It is be distributed in the form of grants and handed out by councils in England this month, the Government has confirmed. 
Ireland20 cents (17p) cut in tax on unleaded petrol, 15 cents on diesel.Ireland provided an energy rebate will see each household in the country receive a €200 (£169) credit to offset heating costs, while public transport fares will also be cut by 20%. Reduced rail, bus and tram fares will stay in place until the end of the year.
AustriaAustria’s National Council has announced one-off payments which will ease the current cost of living crisis for certain financially vulnerable groups, Der Standard reported. At the end of April, pensioners on minimum incomes, long-term recipients of sickness and rehabilitation benefits, the unemployed and unemployment assistance recipients will receive €150. Separately households that receive minimum income or social assistance and students with study grants will receive €300. For retired people receiving supplementary allowances, there will be two payments of €150.
France15 cents per litre discount.
GermanyCut the tax on fuel for three months by 30 euro cents ($0.33) for gasoline and 14 cents for diesel.
Malta3p cut in fuel duty.
CyprusTax on petrol and oil will be reduced by 7 euro cents per litre, dropping to 8.3 cents per litre (value-added tax included).Heating oil will be cut by 6.4 cents per litre (VAT included).
New ZealandNew Zealand is another country which has chosen to cut taxes on fuel, with petrol excise duties slashed by 25 cents per litre.At the same time, the country has cut public transport fares by 50 per cent to encourage use of greener transport options. In addition to this, around 60 per cent of families with children will benefit from an increase in tax credits, with benefits also due to increase. The New Zealand government is also restarting its “Winter Energy Payment” on May 1 to subsidise the rising costs of energy for households across the country ( NZ is in southern hemisphere heading into winter).
PortugalFuel prices will decrease, diesel by 17 cents a litre and petrol by 12 cents a litre.PM Costa said the cut in fuel duty would not impact govt revenues as it is offset in increased revenues from VAT.


*Petition created by Jonathan Best (Director, ATF Fuels)

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