Government of Jersey’s Carbon Neutral Roadmap

With ATFs commitment to low prices and best environmental practise we wish to constructively contribute to this important Carbon Neutral Roadmap.

Our key points;

  • ATF believe GoJ policy-makers should adopt international best practise in relation to liquid biofuels. This action can be made now, with immediate tangible benefits, our analysis indicates this could equate to the equivalent of 6,841* cars off the road;
  • Ensure the transport policy makes sustained on-going behavioural change;
  • Achieve a more targeted approach with the use of renewable road fuel, immediately for Passenger Service Vehicles (PSVs) and potentially then Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs);
  • Achieving best value from monies raised by the levy on road fuels (without unintended consequences)

The Government of Jersey (GoJ) commissioned a report1 to provide an assessment of the maturity and economic viability of technologies that could play a role in the decarbonisation of Jersey’s transport sectors.

GoJs own independent published analysis evaluated the use of liquid biofuels along the supply chain to evaluate what investments would be needed to make these technologies feasible.

*Our analysis indicates that if Jersey followed UK & EU legislation and made E10 petrol and B7 diesel the standard grade of fuels in all forecourts, it could equate to the equivalent of taking 6,841 cars off the road.

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