Drive Carbon Neutral 

Offset the impact of the emissions created from your fuel usage every time you fill up.

Heat Carbon Neutral 

Offset your carbon footprint from your home heating oil.

Drive Carbon Neutral Pump 200x200

Support the Environment 

International accredited schemes are used to offset 100% of the carbon associated to fuel usage.


Local impact

Support local environmental, conservation and restoration projects.

About The scheme

As a conscientious fuel supplier, we understand the challenges that face road users and home heating oil customers who want to achieve a lower carbon future. The principle of the scheme allows for customers to neutralise the impact of their emissions by paying an additional 3ppl at an ATF ‘Carbon Neutral Pump’ or opt in when purchasing domestic fuel to offset the carbon emissions created by their fuel burn.

We are the first fuel retailer in Jersey to provide a choice for motorists and home heating oil customers to offset their carbon emissions from their own vehicle and heating usage.

Working in conjunction with ESI Monitor Ltd, we will offset emissions when purchasing fuel,
by supporting environmental conservation and restoration projects in Jersey, as well as contributing to
accredited international carbon offset projects.

Drive Carbon Neutral

You can choose to use the ‘green’ Drive Carbon Neutral Pumps at our ATF Forecourts which charges an extra 3ppl to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated by that litre of fuel.


The extra 3ppl you pay will go to local and international carbon offset schemes.

We will continue sell fuel at our regular low prices if you choose not to use the Drive Carbon Neutral Pump.

In addition, we continue to be the only Channel Island fuel supplier that complies with UK legislation that requires petrol and diesel to have a bio-fuel content of at least 5% and 7% respectively, which supports policy on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from road transport.

local Schemes


Jersey Trees for Life is a registered charity in Jersey providing protection, care, and education for and about trees on our island. They have several active completed projects including Val de la Mare Arboretum, The Hedgerow Campaign, Adelina Wood, Cheap Tree Scheme and the Town Tree Survey.


Val de la Mare Arboretum

This ongoing project to restore the arboretum to its former glory through proper tree care and tree and land management.


The Hedgerow Campaign

The aim of this project is to restore and protect Jersey’s hedgerows and farmland trees for the benefit of the Island’s biodiversity.

international Schemes

Your contribution goes to a number of international offsetting schemes. The projects supported may change from time to time depending on demand. Here are some examples of how your contribution is helping internationally:


Kariba Forest Protection, Zimbabwe

This project protects almost 785,000 hectares of forest, prevents over 3.5 million tonnes of C02 being released annually, and helps to encourage and sustain biodiversity in Zimbabwe.


Access to Safe Water, Cambodia

This project provides water purifiers to rural communities in Cambodia, meaning these people no longer have to burn wood to boil water. This reduces C02 emissions and releases pressure on Cambodia’s forests.


Efficient Cookstoves, Rwanda

This project provides innovative cookstoves to communities in Rwanda, which significantly reduces fuel consumption and C02 pollution.

Carbon neutral aspect relates to the emissions from the fuel burn. It does not refer to embedded C02 created from the exploration and refining process of the fuel or the manufacture of the vehicle, boiler, storage tank or it components.