Carbon Neutral 

Offset the impact of the emissions created from your fuel usage every time you fill up.

Carbon Neutral 

Offset your
carbon footprint
from your
home heating oil.

Drive Carbon Neutral Pump 200x200

Support the Environment 

International accredited schemes are used to offset 100% of the carbon associated to fuel usage.

About The scheme

As a conscientious fuel supplier, we understand the challenges that face road users and home heating oil customers who want to achieve a lower carbon future. Working in conjunction with World Kinect Energy Services, we will offset emissions by contributing to accredited international carbon offset projects.

The principle of the scheme allows for our home heating oil customers to neutralise the impact of their emissions by paying an additional 2ppl. We offset your emissions by purchasing carbon credits (based on the extra 2ppl) to fund restorative environmental projects. See our Standard+ or Smart+ Heating Plans.

At our forecourts, we’ll donate carbon credits at no extra cost to you each time you buy petrol or diesel. 

We are the first fuel retailer in Jersey to provide customers the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions from their own vehicle and heating usage. 

Drive Carbon Neutral

At NO EXTRA COST TO YOU, we’ll offset the impact of the emissions created from your fuel usage every time you fill up at our forecourts. We’ll donate carbon credits to offset the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions generated by the fuel you use.


In addition, we are the only Channel Island fuel supplier that complies with UK legislation that requires fuel to have a bio-fuel content of at least 10% in petrol and 7% in diesel, which supports policy on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from road transport.

Heat Carbon Neutral

You can help reduce the carbon emissions you make from heating your home with our Standard+ or Smart+ Heating Plans. The Premium Home Kerosene supplied is a cleaner, greener and more efficient form of heating oil. In addition, we’ll offset your carbon emissions by supporting environmental conservation and restoration projects to accredited international carbon offset schemes.

Reduces carbon emissions
Better for the environment
Improves system efficiency
Reduce sooty build up
Reduce service problems
Inhibits sludge formation in tanks
Carbon footprint offset included

buy better, buy smarter

Your contribution goes to a number of international offsetting schemes. The projects supported may change from time to time depending on demand. Here are some examples of how your contribution is helping internationally:

Wind power 230x230

Indian wind power

To install 396 wind turbines in the state of Tamil Nadu in Southern India, to bring together several investors with small power requirements to invest in wind power. Without this project, 4.5TWh of power from the fossil fuel-dominated power grid in the region.

Solar power 230x230

Indian solar power

To generate power through renewable solar energy for sale to the state grid. Without this project 732,874 MWh/year of power from fossil fuels to power the Indian grid in the region.


Cookstoves in Ghana

To reduce the GHG emissions by promoting the design, manufacture, distribution, and use of Effcient Charcoal Stoves. Without this project, Ghanian families cook with charcoal made from unsustainably harvested wood, which generates significant emissions and health risks.

Carbon neutral aspect relates to the emissions from the fuel burn. It does not refer to embedded C02 created from the exploration and refining process of the fuel or the manufacture of the vehicle, boiler, storage tank or it components.